Speed Flying 29

Speed Flying Lessons

Warning: The journey you are about to embark upon will be life changing and addiction forming. Prepare to see the sky forever differently.

Get ready to have some serious fun!  We fly and train every day, year round, so it’s completely up to your schedule. No need to wait for a course on specific dates. Since every student progresses at a different rate, we go on a day by day training structure instead of a fixed course price.


  • $400/day without gear purchase
  • $300/day with later gear purchase ($100/day credited)

These are very full 8-10 hour days, and include gear, all site fees, and ATV rides to launch. Since we do not have set course dates, many of your training days will likely be private lessons. It takes 3-5 days to complete the training. Our goal isn’t to keep you in the course as long as possible to make more money. We want to see you jump from the nest!

What to expect in your training:

The morning of the first day is dedicated to learning the no-wind forward launch, which is the “crux” of a typical speed wing flight. We want you to know how to do these well, and not be limited to launching when there is enough wind to reverse kite (explained below). You will be creating your flying airspeed by running. Be ready to get a great workout!

That afternoon you will apply what you have learned and fly from our lower launches. We’ll communicate with you by radio and guide you how to properly set up for a landing and time your touchdown “flare”. Once you are capable of launching, setting up an approach, and landing on your feet within the target area, all unassisted, it’s time to move up the mountain. Some students will do this at the end of the first day.

The second day is when we really start to have fun!  You will be turning quick laps, launching from heights ranging from 800-1600′. We’ll guide you through proper turning technique, speed range, and wing energy management, while you continue to refine your launch and landing skills. We’ve had students do as many as 10 flights on day 2!  Of course we keep an eye on your fatigue level and make sure you don’t overdo it.

As you progress, we will slowly introduce more advanced maneuvers, with the emphasis being on how to approach them with baby steps. The real learning happens the day you venture out on your own, and we want to make sure you have the right tools and attitude to improve your skills into old age.

Keep in mind that the above progression is typical of the average student. Some will be faster, others slower. It is our job to be flexible and tailor the training to your pace. We will never push you, nor hinder your progress if you are a natural.

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to many common questions regarding training, and other topics.