The new A range, available in 8,10,12 and 14 m, built in 3 risers, offers polyvalent and homogenous wings, which will be the best friends of just out of school riders to competition riders that want a fast, sane and solid wing, depending on the size.

The turn and the dynamic launching ability, as well as the speed range, has been trimmed to get a wing that is a real pleasure to ride in big mountain areas. It is truly a free-ride toy. However, as well as the A10 range, it has an incredible rolling and pitching stability.

We present you our new speedfly wing, the "One Seven". A wing designed for a large audience. This is an easy wing, with a large control range, good damping, quick inflation, immediate control of the pilot taking off and a good flare.

This wing can be used in both high winds and in thermal conditions. Excellent compromise finesse, performance and security, provides access to longs safe flights. It comes with a carrying back pack, a fast-pack bag and manual.

Our Price: $1700  

Our Price: $2250