Skiers - Take your speed cravings to another level!

If you haven't yet heard of speed flying, you soon will. Popular in Europe for the last few years, this intense new sport is about to hit North America in a big way. This is your chance to get in early on a new trend. Check out this video, and if you think the sport might be for you, read on below.

Basic skiing skills are all that are necessary to safely learn the sport, although advanced skiers will be capable of progressing quickly into the most technical aspects. You will be able to ski lines that would otherwise be considered a death wish!

This is not a sport where you can just buy a wing and go learn on your own. It is necessary to start with foot launch training on a larger wing, and work your way down in size. It is much easier to learn than skiing itself, but the consequences much more dire if you don't take the proper steps. Until recently, there has not been an adequate location in the United States to take these steps, and thus the sport couldn't catch on here. But as of July 2011 that has changed. Soboba Mountain in Southern California has been developed into the ultimate year-round speed flying destination. You can literally show up a beginner and have intermediate skills within a week!

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